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Where To Find 9mm Ammo: BulkAmmo.com

If you’re like me — especially if you’re like me, a first-time handgun owner — you might be asking yourself, “Where can I find ammo? Everyone’s sold out!” Let me save you a lot of trouble. If you’re looking for where to find 9mm ammo and other items, look no further than BulkAmmo.com.

That goes for in-store and online.

Where do I start?

Knowledgeable gun owners will likely know where to find ammo during a time when most stores are out of stock and when many online vendors are also out of stock or have delayed shipping.

But if you’re new to owning a handgun, as I am, where to find 9mm ammo is one of your first tasks. And perhaps the most difficult.

When I got home with my Glock G17 Gen3, I locked it up, kept both keys on my person, and hid the gun somewhere only I knew. Easy.

Then I got trained at a great store not far from here (Apache Rifle Works in Boerne, Texas.) Also easy.

When I came home, trained, gun still locked up (keys still on me), I went online to find ammo. Not so easy. [This was in late November; availability has improved quite bit.]

Figure 1 – screen grab from a local vendor

Looking first for recommendations, I went to a knowledgeable relative, and he suggested the AmmoSeek app for the iPhone. It crawls the web and finds different vendors. In retrospect, it’s probably best for experienced owners who know exactly what they want or how to get something close to what they need. In light of so many options, I wanted to order the same brand and specs as the two free boxes I received with the pistol.

That sent me back to trusted contacts and asking for recommendations.

I was then referred to BulkAmmo.com by the man who sold me my Glock.

Availability & Selection

Since late November, availability has improved quite a bit. But this was not the case then, and it may again become hard to find ammo.

Figure 2 – AmmoSeek

In November, I called the salesman at the store who helped me purchase the Glock, and he suggested BulkAmmo. I went online and found the exact ammo I needed (9mm, 115 grain, FMJ, brass, made by PMC).

In writing this article, I decided to check availability again. There was similar ammo but from other manufacturers. Seeing the inventory issue at BulkAmmo, I decided to do another search on AmmoSeek and found ammo that had all my specs but was made by Norma. It was also slightly cheaper.


Which leads me to price. It’s hard to know what a good deal is, especially when my first two boxes were free and since I came into the market when prices were inflated.

I asked that same relative about normal pricing, and at the time — again, late November — my type of ammo was running $0.75-$0.80 per round. When COVID had hit everyone earlier last year, in February 2020, people could still buy this ammo for about $0.25/round. (And of course it was cheaper in years prior.) By September 2020, some people could get it for $0.50/round. I was late to the game and was paying $0.79/round. (Currently, I buy it in boxes of 50.)

This morning on the AmmoSeek app, I found my ammo for $0.58/round at AmmoShopOnline (made a different but reputable manufacturer, though). I checked the vendor’s website and confirmed it.


Customer Service

Now we come to one of the most important aspects of purchasing ammo online: how fast and well a vendor responds to an order. I’d say that this aspect is second only to the availability of ammo. Customer service is almost always what separates one company from the next if they are selling identical products.

I ordered the ammo one day, it was shipped the next day, and it arrived three days after that. In other words, I got my ammo four days after placing the order.

A fluke?


But then I placed a second order. Placed on Day 1, shipped on Day 1, arrived on Day 4. So that makes twice that I received the shipment four days after placing the order.

If you’ve tried buying ammo online, you know this kind of timeline is rare. (Even Amazon non-Prime orders might not be this quick.)

But customer service is more than just shipping time, right?

Right. In between orders, I had a question about the difference in grains (the weight of a round). In fact, I had a total of five additional questions, all of which a customer service rep answered. The email exchange started on a Sunday afternoon and ended on a Monday morning — 13 emails back and forth, each time the rep being courteous and helpful, not to mention super responsive — which is when I placed the order. I got the ammo on a Thursday, three days later.

By the way, you can opt to have your items shipped in a non-descript box, so that neighbors or children, etc., don’t know the contents.

It’s “go time”

Not that my family and I live in an area where I’d fear we’d have intruders, but with a handgun that I’m comfortable with, having had proper training by very capable professionals, and with the proper ammo on hand, I feel equipped to handle a situation should it arise.

Last year was, in plain terms, a shit-show. Perhaps this year will be more peaceful, but perhaps it won’t.

So if for whatever reason you’re looking for where to find 9mm ammo online, check out BulkAmmo.com.

As a first-time gun owner, I trust them and recommend them.


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