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Trump campaign donations: What they tell us about his supporters

In a previous post, I looked at a composite of the Biden voter through what kinds of donations he received. Today I’ll look at Trump’s campaign donations and the picture they form of the person who votes for him.

The jury is out whether this Trump voter will become a Republican voter because of concerns over what has become known as the “Deep State,” which includes politicians of all stripes.

But one thing is sure: Trump has changed American politics, campaigning and how voters relate to their president: directly through social media and rallies.

A November 2020 article in Bloomberg paints a picture of today’s Trump voter by looking at his donors.

Figure 1 / source:

Who is the “Trump voter”?


In fact, donations to Trump probably didn’t come from a “he” at all but rather a homemaker, who is more than likely a “she.” Of the approximately 20,000 donors who gave to Trump or Biden, 94% of those giving to Trump indicated on FEC forms that their occupation was “homemaker,” while only 4% donating to Biden identified themselves as such.


Many of us, including me, were shocked to see President Trump cruelly mimic a reporter with arthrogryposis. (Watch the whole video — it’s brief and look especially at what he does when talking about Senator Ted Cruz.) Oddly, those who said on FEC forms that they were “disabled” or “on disability” and therefore had no occupation, formed Trump’s second largest group of donors, almost 10,000 of them. Apparently, they either didn’t see the video or did and didn’t care.

And if he did mock the reporter’s disability, it’s indeed despicable. It’s not the way I should act, no less the president. But I must ask: “So what?”

What shall we do? Impeach him over that? Boycott Trump hotels? Assassinate him? As for me, I’m willing to live in the unavoidable tension between civility and barbarism when the man does as many good things as he has done for Americans and even the world. It is the unavoidable tension of having a president who is so thoroughly vetted and lied about by the legacy media, the biased media, and the social media — both Biden and Trump — that we have to pick our battles.

Figure 2 / source:


Why do I say, “the best”?

Because there are some who fight and die for us and our freedoms.

And there are some who fought and were willing to die but now, having lived through horrors most of us only see in movies and then only like faded photos, are beholden to Big Bombs: Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Dynamics. No doubt their contracts supply necessary equipment for the rank and file soldier whom the generals no doubt and love and feel a fraternal love for.

At some point, though, they become pragmatists and utilitarian when once they were idealistic and innocently brave. Now some are most certainly cynical if not outrightly criminal. There are always criminals in every group. There are criminals in my field of writing, and we are sentenced to everything from de-platforming (an inconvenience and expense) to censorship to, in some countries, the gulag or the death camps.

President (and retired General) Eisenhower, during his farewell address, said, “Our military organization today [in 1961] bears little relation to that known by any of my predecessors in peace time, or indeed by the fighting men of World War II or Korea.”

We were warned fifty years ago about a country whose defense was in the hands of large companies.

It is why we see employees of Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman and Boeing — 10,500 in all — giving to Biden. There jobs rely on a robust military-industrial complex.

Look again at Figure 2 above (military-related campaign donors), which shows the relative size of aggregate giving from Boeing, for example, contrasted against that of the NYPD.

Further, it the U.S. Marines and those who identify themselves as the “U.S. Military” on FEC forms who, with the NYPD, form Trump’s top giving organizations.

In fact, of the top 100 employers identified on donors’ FEC forms, only 9 of those 100 had a majority of donors give to Trump. Biden is the candidate of U.S. corporations. Large corporations. CEOs making millions and billions, and employees — many well-meaning — who live off salaries. (Of “sales professionals,” many working for employers but living off commission rather than salary, 55% of the 129,000 of them gave to Biden.)

Figure 3 / source:


Trump’s largest single group of donors identified as “business owners.” People who create companies and jobs. There were 73,000 of them, and they gave at a rate of 60% to Trump. Contrast this against “lawyers,” 127,000 of them, who gave to Biden at a rate of 88%.

Our country is run by fucking lawyers and CEOs, whose fuckery is only slightly less egregious but no less insidious. Lawyers win the battle for being two-faced. CEOs for brute pragmatism.

Image credit: The Dilley Show


  • technicians
  • pilots
  • drivers
  • laborers
  • stay-at-home moms
  • painters
  • construction workers
  • machinists
  • maintenance workers
  • farmers
  • electricians
  • mechanics
  • plumbers
  • ranchers
  • truckers
  • welders, and many more.

Want to hear from those who love Trump and donate to Trump? For 5 or 10 minutes, tune in to the pragmatic Brenden Dilley, who’s weekday show airing at 12N Eastern entertains and informs his audience, and follow the chat. The whole show — host and chat — are refreshingly profane but, more importantly, practical.

The Dilley Show watcher, and the Trump donor (voter), wants to get stuff done. Protect America’s sacred freedoms. That’s what Donald Trump does–gets things done. Protects America’s freedoms. Because as our freedoms die, so do the world’s. (CLICK HERE for Dilley Show platforms.)


The number one occupation claimed by Biden donors is “professors.” There were 61,000 of them who gave to Biden at a rate of 94%.

Trump’s #1 group?


Twenty thousand strong, the ones who turn houses into homes, who educate our children, who take us to church and to the playground, who wipe our noses and bandage our skinned knees, who clean up our messes and listen to us kvetch, who read bedtime stories and tell us to keep our elbows off the table when we eat. This group of frontline workers gave to President Donald J. Trump at a rate of 96%.

So, the choice is yours: do you want the candidate whose supporters give you that crazy term paper and casually send you back to the dorm, or the candidate whose supporters welcome you home and sit alongside you at the dining room table while you struggle through that algebra problem?

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