The Biscuit Aisle is at the back of the store to your extreme right

Well, it’s not to the “extreme” right but it right leaning. Quite.

We have decided to roll this blog into our main one, called Biscuit Aisle. The reason we’re doing this is to write about occasionally objectionable matters under our full name. In fact, we will cease using the royal “we” and use my real name, which you can find there. Time to go more public and fight the #CancelCulture.

If you are reading this blog, are deeply offended by its contents, and choose to navigate over to Biscuit Aisle to read there and also learn who I am, that’s on you.

But the content’s on me, which is what it should be.

Oh, and if you’re on Spotify, I’ve started a new playlist called “#CancelCulture.” It is a public playlist allowing you to add to it. It celebrates songs that are (mostly) quality songs with content you can’t use anymore in polite company.

“Brown Sugar” falls into that category:

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