silence dogood

As a 16-year-old, Benjamin Franklin used a pen name — Silence Dogood — so he could get his letters to the editor printed in The New-England Courant.

“Mrs. Silence Dogood,” ostensibly a middle-aged widow, wrote about and poked fun at aspects of colonial life. His biggest threat was being wooed by middle-aged men. (Which happened.)

credit: Alan Diaz/AP File Photo

Writing about American political life today prompts threats greater than suitors sending flowers and chocolates.

The intention of this site is to use humor, data analysis and opinion to encourage those who value, above all, the Constitution and the freedoms it guarantees to Americans and promises to those who become Americans. This site also appeals to those who think they value the Constitution and its freedoms but, in practice, don’t.

The “hanging chad” is what altered the presidential election in 2020. is a statement that Truth is found in the details.

Those details are what we look at here.

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