Biden campaign donations: what they tell us about Democrat voters

The first thing we notice about Joe Biden’s campaign donations is that the Democrat Party is no longer the party of the working man. It is the coastal elite. The coastal, over-educated, Big Tech-employed elite.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the contributions to former Vice President Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign. Next time we’ll look at those to President Donald J. Trump.

All the best information surfaces when we “follow the money.”

Who donated to Joe Biden: “SMART PEOPLE”

Look at the figure above captioned “A historical comparison of donations,” which compares parties with the higher percentage of college-educated voters. Reagan voters were well educated and often included the Wall Street crowd. If you remember, President Reagan’s “Morning in America” campaign ad was aimed at those who cared not only about low taxes and a healthy economy but also about families and Main Street.

Biden enjoys a higher percentage of “educated” voters than does President Trump, but are Biden voters still interested in low taxes, intact families, and a strong Main Street economy?

In an October 2020 issue of The Harvard Gazette, Liz Maneo writes about the “unforeseeable election fallout.” She quotes a lecturer at Harvard’s esteemed Graduate School of Education as saying, “We heard from people who are already experiencing stress on their campuses from big truck rallies rolling through their campuses to students who are expressing intense emotion and anxiety over the election.” A gathering of 140 university officials at Harvard included some who described their schools as “blue dots inside red doughnuts,” indicating their liberal presence within a conservative geography.

Maneo continued: “Although most higher education institutions have structures and mechanisms already in place to deal with emergencies, such as a student suicide or protests, officials focused on how to deal with major crises that are unexpected, novel, and uncertain.”

This much is clear: today’s liberal universities would see a Trump win in 2020 as they saw it in 2016. It is alarming, confusing, and a source of great stress and anxiety. Schools’ crisis preparedness for things like contentious elections is elevated to the same plain as for suicide, protests and other emergencies, including — we might surmise — an existential threat like a businessman leading the country into historically low unemployment rates and a historically high stock market.

An Axios poll found that nearly 40% of students surveyed would protest if Trump were re-elected. How does this compare with your impression of how Gen Z voters would react with a Biden win? Would they be angry and speak out, or would they take to the streets? And if they did protest, such as in the recent #StopTheSteal rallies, would those rallies be peaceful or raucous?

Biden campaign donations

With this in mind — that top universities are not only against Trump but think that’s the norm and that caution is prudent — let’s look at some specific donations to Biden related to higher education.

The #1 source of donors from a single employer was the University of California, with ~12,000. (This is a consolidated system of all campuses.) The U.S. Government also had approximately 12,000 donors to Biden but while 84% of government donors gave to Biden, a full 94% of UC donors gave to him.

Biden campaign donations
Biden received overwhelming support by donors employed at universities or in education.

Likewise, other university-based donors gave to Biden in almost monolithic percentages, especially the Ivy League schools: Columbia (97%), Univ. of PA (96%), Cornell (96%), Harvard (96%), Stanford (95%), MIT (95%), and the list goes on. Ninety percent of donors from the NYC Department of Education gave to Biden.

Ivy League university-based donors gave to Biden at a rate of 94% or more.


Of organizations whose employees gave to Biden, 70% (23 out of the top 33) were universities.

Who gave to Joe Biden: BIG TECH

Biden campaign donations
94% of all Facebook and Google employee donations went to Biden.

Not surprisingly, Big Tech also contributed heavily to Joe Biden.

Facebook and Google were the most skewed (each at 97% for Biden), with Apple (92%), Microsoft (90%) and Amazon (80%) not far behind.

By contrast, of the Top 100 employers who had the most campaign donors, not one was so heavily skewed toward President Trump as Biden’s top donors were. That employer: New York City’s finest — the NYPD at 69% for Trump. The second most skewed employer for Trump? The U.S. Marines at 66% and, in third, the U.S. Military at 55%.

Who are you going to feel safer under? Trump or Biden?


Next time, we’ll take a look at who gave to which candidate based on their occupation.

Courtesy: Bloomberg

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